Nails Treatment

Unmatched Power for Unmatched Results

Clinical research has shown that the Neo laser is capable of effectively superheating the skin tissue beneath finger and toe nails, causing the coagulation of the soft tissue that is contaminated with fungal material. This can result in a significant cosmetic enhancement for patients in as little as a single treatment.

  • Deep heating power
  • Quick 10 minute procedure
  • Highly effective even for the most problematic nails

In order to superheat and coagulate the soft tissue beneath a finger or toe nail and particularly to reach the depth of the nail matrix, it is necessary to use a powerful, deep-heating laser modality within a tolerable pulse duration.

Aerolase offers the unique combination with its Neo laser, which delivers laser energy at the 1064nm wavelength and at optimum sub-millisecond pulse duration. This type of laser is capable of penetrating through the nail and into the nail matrix, heating the tissue in the nail bed to maximize coagulation of soft tissue contaminated with fungus.

The presence of pigment and water in such soft tissue structures, as well as hemoglobin in the vasculature supporting the nail bed, collectively represent the common chromophores that absorb 1064nm laser energy as part of the process of coagulating and destroying the targeted tissue structures.

The treatment of nails with LightPod laser is fast and convenient – it takes approximately 5 to 15 seconds to cover a single nail with laser pulses. The same laser is also highly effective in treating warts, spider veins and other conditions of the foot and ankle.

NeoClear addresses active acne including problematic conditions, acne on dark skin, and acne on the torso. LightPod lasers’ light-based therapy offers an effective, alternative treatment approach for all acne patients of any age or skin type, but also for patients who have not responded to traditional therapies and for those patients who either cannot take or who do not want to take oral medications including isotretinoin.

The highly powerful yet gentle laser light superheats the p. acnes bacteria in the sebaceous gland and surrounding skin to effectively destroy the bacteria, reduce sebum output, and to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

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